DP World has introduced an advance notice system for trucks arriving at its Antwerp Gateway terminal. The Truck Appointment System (TAS) which became operational at the end of November will permit more efficient handling. The process includes automatic recording of the RFID tag with which containers are sealed.

Hauliers wishing to collect or deliver containers at the terminal must provide their administrative details in advance to the e-portal www.dpworld.be/eworld. As well as booking their job this enables them to check that the container has been released, thus avoiding unnecessary trips and losing less time with administrative work at the terminal.

It is now obligatory to give advance notice in this way, which can be done up to ten days before the visit to the terminal. It is also possible to make an appointment at the terminal itself, but this is not advisable since the process will stall if the administrative details are not fully correct.

Once advance notice has successfully been given, an appointment can be made to deliver or collect the container by selecting a particular time slot. Each time slot occupies one hour, but with a certain amount of margin.

For each appointment a TAS number is assigned, and this must be entered at the Self Service Desk on the terminal. If someone does not have a TAS number then an appointment can be made at the terminal itself, but then there is a risk of having to wait several hours.
Together with TAS, DP World has introduced RFID tags for sealing the containers. The number of the seal is read by special receivers on the terminal and sent to the Terminal Operating System.

Trucks with containers carrying an e-seal no longer have to stop for a physical inspection but can drive straight through on one of the three fast lanes taking them to the truck parking area where the load is handled. An additional advantage of the RFID system is that it avoids errors in entering the number. The fast lane cannot be used by IMDG containers, tanktainers and containers with excess height and/or width.

Truckers who still use an ordinary seal may enter the number of the seal themselves at the Self Service Desk, thus enabling them to use the fast lane.
In future trucks that use the fast lane and are handled by Automatic Stacking Cranes can also be served during shift changes or even at night, if this is required.