A Chinese business delegation is visiting Europe and particularly Italy, France and Germany to identify strategic partnerships to jointly run activities for products and services related to security and tamper prevention in transport and logistics.
They have selected LeghornGroup Srl – which is now present in this industry sector for almost forty years -as privileged spokesperson.
Mr. Luciano Grapsa – LeghornGroup CEO and President – showed them the latest electronic novelties for seals and locks, such as SPYLOCK, which is a reusable electronic lock specifically designed to increase security and control  in the chain of logistics and transport.
Visiting delegation demonstrated also to be very interested in RFID cable seals featuring tamper evidence, defining them as a “truly innovative product.”

Miss Wang, head of delegation, has offered their cooperation for eventual deployment in PRC under LeghornGroup‘s supervision.
During these days, the delegation will also visit the factory of metal seals in Sarzana and the factory of plastic seals in Padua, both owned by LeghornGroup.
Miss Wang will be a welcome guest until next Sunday at the villa in Antignano, just off Livorno, owned by LeghornGroup.

Luciano Grapsa