Container seals

June-2016, By Luciano Grapsa


Neptuneseal: Container seal of LeghornGroup

It is extremely important to find a safe and cheap way to seal the container for those organizations who entrust their goods via container.
In fact, by not using the right type of container seal , it can be difficult to determine whether the container has been opened during transport.
Furthermore, if you are able to determine that the security of your container has been breached, it becomes essential in the event of a claim for damage to your insurance..
Another important factor when choosing a container seal  is that they can help to discourage the attempt of theft during transport.


In LeghornGroup this concept of anti tampering is essential.
Our engineers have developed a range of traditional and electronic systems to help manage adequately the Container Security Initiative.
In fact, if you use quality seals on the container, you can easily determine if the container has been tampered with.
The LeghornGroup produces quality seals that can be used for ocean container, air and land transport container.

Whatever the type of container used is important to be able to easily check the integrity of the used seal.

The LeghornGroup offers complete range of high security container seals  that meet the criteria of the directive ISO 17712: 2013.


Control of a container seal by the Customs

Most of the world’s Customs, and especially the customs of the United States together with the major container companies, support the need to use for high security container seals ISO 17712: 2013 as essential part of the security of the supply chain.

The goal is to minimize the risk of access in the container reducing the possibility of theft or the introduction of the hazardous or illegal material.


The closure of the container is made by a trusted person with container seal ISO 17712:2013 approved.

This objective is also important for the sender, for the carrier and for the recipient of the container.
It follows that the safety of the supply chain must start from the charger.
As soon as the container is filled it must be closed with a high  container security seal and the seal number must be documented.

Often some major container companies, hoping to not be involved in legal actions in relation of a container tampering, also they seal the container with high security container seals ISO 17712: 2013.

They ensure compliance with the general requirements for the Security of Ships and of Port Facilities (ISPS) and the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program (C-TPAT) developed by the US government in the most generic plan of ‘Homeland Security.

The LeghornGroup offers 6  high security container seals ISO 17712: 2013 includes one in ACTIVE RFID technology.

Regarding the bolt seals it is recommended to use in SECURACAM position, or alternatively on the right container  door  on the left closed.











The LeghornGroup, to guarantee even more its customers decided not to sell any kind of its container  seals approved ISO 17712: 2013 without any brand recognition and without name and sequential numbering.

Moreover LeghornGroup held for nearly 40 years an updated database of all its printed seals to avoid random duplication or duplication programmed by malicious.

All our technicians are happy to clarify any doubts, and are ready to advise you on the most appropriate seal in relation to the typs of transport vehicles.