The container security in international transport of goods is a prerequisite and it is also a tax legislation by those countries (such as the US) that limit its imports to only containers sealed with high security seals that meet high safety standards International (one for all the ISO 17712: 2013).
What are the main requirements for the security in the freight? Surely prevent theft or tampering of goods shipped in containers, but also the prevention of the fraudulent contamination of transport containers and transported regularly declared. The latter is of particular significance in the safety of transport in relation to control the origin and nature of the goods in order to protect international security and specifically the countries involved in logistical flow at risk (country of drug trafficking and / or production counterfeit goods).

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FORKSEAL: Container seals

Container seals

So the container seals must have well-defined requirements and regulated by rules ISO 17712-2013.
Both bolt lock seal, series NEPTUNESEAL, both cable seals and barrier security seals product from Leghorn srl have the safety requirements demanded by the US government.


Besides LEGHORN srl It is present on the market for many years with container seals equipped with automatic identification technology in radio frequency, RFID.

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LEGHORN Srl, in addition to the electronic seal, is able to offer the complete integrated system HW / SW and turn-key, which provides a solution “all-in-one” the possibility for the customer to monitor and manage – and automatically without operator intervention – the movements and the state of the seals RFID applied to goods and their containers.
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