How seals bring value into international freight containers

Container seals are applied to preserve the carried cargo from unauthorised access. Therefore container seals should be strong and very difficult to tamper with. This feature is guarantee by their compliance to ISO 17712:2013 mechanical specifications for high security seals, where also tampering prevention tests by the manufacturer are required.

Container seal is a small tool to guard a great value.
The container has revolutionized the world of transport: the birth of the container is a simple innovation, which in a few years transformed the world trade by expanding it enormously and fiercely standardizing the market for agricultural and industrial products. Just an economic consideration to understand why: in 1956, to load a ship in the US costs $ 5.86 per tonne, while by using the container this figure drops to 16 cents.

In this context, to seal a container in the safest way possible is of fundamental importance.
After the dramatic events of September 11, 2001, the concept of homeland and international security have been changing: US Government promoted a series of initiatives at the international level, by following precise scheme and goal: TO SECURE THE LOGISTICS CHAIN. This way container seals take on even greater importance: they must prevent tampering of a container also to stop terrorism or to prevent container contamination with toxic or nuclear materials.

LEGHORN container seals are fully produced in Italy. They are of the highest quality. They are tested one by one.

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