Coming soon the 2016 edition of the Sea Port Innovation Day, workshop sponsored by Livorno Port Authority and CNIT, in collaboration with the Tuscany Region and CST.
The theme of this edition will be “From Transport Industries to Integrated Transport: towards the Port of the Future ” and the two days of study and presentation of best practices will take place at the Chamber of Commerce of Livorno-Grosseto, 1 Via del Porticciolo, Livorno.
The work will be divided into three sessions – industrial, technological and governance – on the issues of emerging technologies and next-generation ports (Ports & Logistics 4.0), with the participation of prominent speakers at national and international level.
We point out that in the two days, with free participation upon registration, there will be simultaneous translation Italian / English and vice versa for the speeches.

LeghornGroup will participate in this initiative and in the expo corner intended for SPIN technology partners on the day of November 17 at the Cruise Terminal of the port of Livorno, alongside major international companies such as Telecom Italy, Autostrade for Italy, AVR Goup, Siemens, Ericsson and Aricent, during co-initiative ETSI PLUGTESTS ITS 2016, showcasing live demos of systems related to the application in the field of transport and logistics of new technologies such as IoT, the Internet of Things and ITCS, Intelligent Traffic Control systems.

SPIN Program

See you there!