Technologies of the future, challenges of innovation and Logistics 4.0  call and LeghornGroup responds.
Intelligent trucks that broadcast in real time all the information on the weight and type of the goods transported, tablet that constantly monitor the route of heavy vehicles, receiving information on how the goods are stored, routed, maintained and delivered to customers, vehicles communicating each other, exchanging information on traffic jams, accidents or approaching construction sites.
The future is already here and LeghornGroup wants to be  once more starring, by participating in the first European trial of an innovative way of controlling mobility, through sensors placed on vehicles and containers and infrastructure able to talk to each other.
The tests were carried out in the last two weeks along the infrastructure system consisting of the Port of Livorno and SGC Fi-Pi-Li, made available by the Tuscany Region, thanks to 40 companies and 100 engineers from around the world to test hi- tech devices complying with new rising European communications standards.

Caption of picture 1: Ing. Federica Bolognesi, BDM LeghornGroup with (from left) Dr. Paul Pagano, head of the Innovation Service Center CNIT – APL, Vincenzo Ceccarelli councilor for mobility of the Tuscany Region and Giuliano Gallanti, commissioner of the Port Authority of Livorno.
Caption of picture 2: The LeghornGroup team in charge of electronic security solutions. From left: Alessio Rofi, R & D manager, Federica Bolognesi, BDM and Anani Kokou, specialist in security of logistics and transportation processes.