Ended yesterday the work of ETSI ITS PLUGTESTS, in conjunction with the Seaport Innovation 2016 on the themes of Port of the Future.

The PLUGTESTS held in Livorno are the first European real environmental testing of innovative electronic systems to control mobility, through sensors placed on vehicles and infrastructure, capable of talking each other. The tests were carried out for two consecutive weeks on the infrastructure system consisting of the Port of Livorno and SGC Fi-Pi-Li, made available by the Tuscany Region, thanks to 40 companies and 100 engineers from around the world to validate the interoperability of hi-tech devices that conform to European communication standards.
During the testing, a semi-trailer of GORENT, equipped with a modern on-board computer and equipped with an electronic seal of LeghornGroup, has been able to transmit real-time detailed information on the weight of the load, the temperature and the presence of CO inside the freight compartment. Not only that, the electronic seal, which normally is used to lock the semi-trailer compartment until the goods do not reach the destination country, transmitted information on the type of product transported and on their status, indicating whether and when, on the way from origin to destination, there has been no break-ins.
It is an impressive information content that these innovative technological solutions can make available in real time, allowing to know everything and making the port more efficient and safe.
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