Interesting meeting was held on days 8-9 September in Viareggio, at the prestigious location of Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, organized by CAEN RFID – manufacturer of automatic identification devices operating in the UHF radio frequency band.

The event, open to system integrators and experts operating in the field of RFID products, saw the involvement of LeghornGroup as speaker, to present the experience of the Group in the production and sale of RFID seals (e-Seals), which in the last year have been facing rapid technological change and increased growth in demand from the logistics and transport market.

Ing. Federica Bolognesi, RFID senior product manager at LeghornGroup, presented to an international audience a brief technical speech titled “UHF RFID e-seals as enablers of the Internet of Goods: identification, traceability, control”.