LEGHORNGROUP participated with pleasure as a lecturer in the Master in Management of Logistics Systems, organized by the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering at the University of Pisa in collaboration with the University Centre Logistics Systems of Livorno, service center of the University of Pisa, which has the aim to promote and implement training at the university level, as well as the development of scientific research and innovation in the logistics and transport sector.
Eng. Federica Bolognesi, RFID senior product manager of LEGHORNGROUP, delivered a speech entitled “Internet of Goods – When technology enables new paradigms and business models for Logistics and Transport”. The audience, made up of graduates with skills in logistics processes and freight and employees of enterprises and public institutions or other operators in the logistics and transport sector, has shown great interest in the study of security systems and smart devices, as enablers of new processes, safer and more and efficient, benefitting from the Internet of Things and, specifically, by the Internet of Goods.
For those who are interested to know more, some video-pills of the presentation are available below