LeghornGroup intervened last Friday, October 20 in the training day organized by the Centre for Training of Port Authority of Livorno, in collaboration with the Order of Engineers of Livorno and Province, with the theme “Internet of Goods: when technology enables new paradigms and business models for logistics and transportation“.
Ing. Federica Bolognesi, BDM of the company, presented a speech to expound, to the large audience of participanting technicians, how RFID seals and sensors can be regarded as field enablers of the Internet Goods, devices designed to implement the functions of identification, protection, control and traceability of goods.
With the Internet of Things we are living a unique technological transition that will affect many aspects of our lives and will have huge implications for all industrial activities.
It is expected that the current 15 billion of connected devices will increase up to around 50 billion by 2020 and, thanks to the advanced communication technologies, embedded sensors, and new and more powerful data analysis tools, companies will enjoy an unprecedented visibility of  operations, allowing new sources of value.
The logistics and transport activities are ideal candidates to reap the maximum benefits from this increased visibility, in turn transforming the business and decision-making models, as well as those of personnel operating in the field: an impressive information content will be available in real time on how the goods were stored, tracked, routed, maintained and delivered to customers.
The presentation of LeghornGroup outlined the company’s vision with regard to this new, inspiring scenery and provided the basic information related to enabling technologies and devices of what we would call revolution of – even before evolution of – models, processes and practices of the logistics and transport operators.