LeghornGroup resolution for the new year 2016 is to increase the level of security in international freight – air, ship, road – thanks to special electronic identification and monitoring systems for transport and logistics!
from the finalization of solutions for identification, protection, control and traceability already existing within the company portfolio up to the launch of completely new products and applications for the reference sector, LeghornGroup is investing heavily in high technology to differentiate more and more from the global competition it is facing. Also important are the efforts that the company is doing in terms of training in the area to offer new tools and new procedures to ensure a secure, fast – possibly real time – transfer of the information associated with the transit of goods and people, thus supporting the creation of safer environments.
January was promoted by the company as the “Month of Electronic Security” and, on this occasion, LeghornGroup dedicated last week to a three-day intensive session for the formation of the entire network of agents, coming from the offices that the company has in Europe, Middle East and USA. An initiative of success, so much so that the Management is now considering to replicate as soon as possible, this time at the headquarters of LeghornGroup CENTRAL EUROPE Czech Republic, this educational opportunity to meet and exchange.