High Security Seal with RFID, radiofrequency automatic identification capability.


neptune-uhf-rfid-logistic-sealRFID e-seal with univocal serial number.
Can be automatically detected when trucks/containers are onthe-go at gateways, by using RFID gates: this makes gate in/gate out operations faster and more reliable and secure (human error free).
Seal available also in tamper evidence version: the status of the seal (TAMPERED / NOT TAMPERED) is immediately detected and read at time of passing through gate or by manual inspection.

LeghornGroup NEPTUNE UHF RFID LOGISTIC SEAL is a sturdy container bolt seal that combines high mechanical security as required by ISO17712:2013 technical standard with the electronic security offered by RFID, automatic radio frequency identification technology.

The outer polypropylene plastic housing of the seal – customizable with mark and numbering on request – embeds an unique electronic chip, that has its own univocal coding, which cannot be replicated. This allows for secure and reliable automatic identification of the seal applied to the container.

NEPTUNE UHF RFID LOGISTIC SEAL, has read-only univocal ID; additional user memory is available for the storage of customer-specific information.




ISO17712:2013 High Security Seal for containers.
RFID provides automatic identification of the container.
It can be read quickly and accurately by static gateway reading systems or by handheld devices operated by check point personnel.
The RFID chip can also be used to store further information. The chip can be easily written by using RFID reader/writer device. Further information added and the chip itself can be password protected.


Frequency: 860 – 960 MHz – UHF EPC Global
Reference RF Standard: ISO/IEC 18000-6
RF Protocol: EPC Class 1 Gen2 / ISO/IEC 18000-6C
Technology: Passive
Integrated circuit: NXP G2iM+
User read / write memory: yes – up to 640 bit
Memory size: from 128 bit up to 448 bit of EPC Memory
TID (Tag IDentifier): 96 bit, including 48-bit factory locked unique serial number; 112 bit User TID memory Password protection: yes
Tamper Detection: yes
Read / write cycle: 10000
Data retention: 20 year


Reading distance by handheld reader: 3 m (118” 7/64”) (depending on reader)
Reading distance at gate reader: 8 m (314” 61/64”) (depending on reader)
Quality: 100% performance tested


IP Protection: IP66
Operative Temperature: – 20°C / + 55 °C
Storage Temperature: – 30°C / + 80 °C
ISO 17712:2013: yes
Size Electronic Part (flag): mm 42 x 115 x 4 (1” 21/32” x 4” 17/32” x 5/32”)
Metallic pin diameter: 8 mm (5/16”)
Metallic pin length: 74 mm (2” 29/32”)
Bolt diameter: 22 mm (55/64”)
Weight: 70 g
Material: carbonitrured steel + polypropylene in accordance with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), European Directive 2002/EC.