Self-adhesive security envelopes.


PACKING LIST is a transparent, plastic security sleeve used to protect and secure transport of documents associated with the goods, by keeping them intact and even protected against adverse weather conditions.

PACKING LIST security sleeve enable immediately identifying cartons’ contents without opening them and eliminates the need to send in separately the documents relating to shipments.

The transparent polyethylene also allows locating the address of the recipient without the need to apply additional labels. The special formulation of the adhesive enables fast and efficient application.

PACKING LIST security sleeve for documents can be customised with various printings according to customer’s needs.

Here are some examples:

  1. Completely neutral, for accompanying documents of any kind;
  2. Orange stripe on the base of the sleeve bearing the message “It contains documents”;
  3. Orange stripe with “it contains invoice” printed on it;
  4. Bright red stripe that indicated the possibility of risk when manipulating the content;
  5. Information or warning messages can be printed in two different languages
  6. They are personalized with company name and logo.

Usually LEGHORN have in stock all the sleeve measures that can be used during shipments.



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BILINGUAL[cml_media_alt id='6880']packing-list-DIS-2[/cml_media_alt]

SECURITY ENVELOPES FOR DOCUMENTS (EXAMPLES)[cml_media_alt id='6879']packing-list-DIS-3[/cml_media_alt]


PACKING LIST Transparent security sleeve for documents
(Sleeve opening corresponds to first interior size given)

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Any security sleeve model can be personalised with customer’s name and logo.
Minimum order quantity for personalisation: 20.000 pcs.




A) Remove the adhesive backing from the back of the PACKING LIST security sleeve for documents and apply it evenly on the carton to send.


B) Enter into the security sleeve opening the accompanying documents, making sure it is completely enclosed into the sleeve.


C) Remove the back flap that protects the sleeve end to be bonded and press with energy.