[cml_media_alt id='4879']sigilli per catering aereo - trasporti aerei - AEREOPORTI[/cml_media_alt]For the airline catering industry the maintenance of food security and the prevention of its contamination is of primary importance. In particular each inflight food trolley used for passengers shall be absolutely sealed to avoid possible contamination.
Before offering foodstuff to passengers, the on-board service has to control each trolley to verify the integrity of its closure. Seals for the airline catering – and more in general for airlines – should be consecutively numbered and be marked with clear airline logo. LEGHORN is manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of security seals and in particular of seals for food inflight trolleys, for airline companies and airline industry.

Plastic padlock seals
Adjustable plastic seals with metal closure
Completely plastic adjustable plastic seals
Plastic wire seals
Void labels with ink release
Void labels without ink release
RFID tags
Electronic control and traceability systems
Pallet cover for air freight

All of them are LEGHORN products designed for tampering prevention and evidence.

[cml_media_alt id='4880']sigilli per catering aereo - trasporti aerei - AEREOPORTI 2[/cml_media_alt]We also produced autonomous electronic seals, with built-in battery, which can record any event of opening or closing of any inflight food trolley and they can send this information in real time to the control center. As for airport security, security void adhesive labels can help reducing violations into many restricted areas.
For instance when an aircraft is parked, all access points should be sealed with non-residue void labels. The aircraft storage closets furniture can be sealed with void labels with ink release, so that it is immediately reveal if someone tried to hide unwanted or dangerous objects or materials.

Whatever your needs, surely LEGHORN will be able to meet them.