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A tarpaulin trucks

Truck tarpaulin are sheeted vehicles suitable for transporting packaged goods that are not sensitive to temperature changes.

Seals for trucks tarpaulin can be divided into two categories:

1. Seals that can be used only on the holes of the lugs;

2. Seals that can be used EVEN along the entire perimeter of the truck tarpaulin;

The seals that can be used on the holes of the lugs are the seals plastic adjustable or fixed length seals. Metal strap seals can also be used as well as metal wire or cable seals.

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A tarpaulin trucks

Wire seals, when using a twisted wire longer than 20 meters, can be used along the entire perimeter of the truck tarpaulin. Similarly also for the cable seals. Electronic reusable locks deserve special attention for this application: again using locking cable longer than 20 meters, in the event of burglary they are able to detect the event and immediately alert the control center with a SMS message on the mobile phone. These electronic seals have also integrated GPS, Global Positioning System.
In the wide range of seals that the market can offer, one will surely find the seal mostly suiting its needs; however LEGHORN sales and technical staff is well-trained to support customers and help them to choose the seal that meets their needs at best.