[cml_media_alt id='7747']SEALS FOR TRAILERS[/cml_media_alt]Cable seals are the most suitable seals for trailers since they offer the highest security for transported goods, together with the ease of use and mounting.

Cable seals are the number one solution for sealing doors of containers, trucks, trailers, etc.: these seals provide maximum security by opposing resistance to any tampering attempt. Available with various solutions of length and diameter of the cable, they meet every fixing need, from the fast closure of the handles of a container placed on the trailer, to the complete sealing of the peripheral edge of a truck tarpaulin, obtained by passing seals having a cable length greater than 20 meters through the tarpaulin eyelets.

You can also use electronic releasable fastenings, where appropriate, sealed through a conventional auxiliary mechanical seal (such as a simple plastic cable tie to tighten the electronic lock itself). Electronic security locks, absolutely autonomous thanks to a system of rechargeable battery power supply, not only enable verification of the maintained integrity of the load or the possible tampering attempt, but also allow to tracing all events of opening / closing and have in real time the position of your own vehicle via the online tracking service on a web platform.

In the transport sector, and therefore also for trailers, the seal is merely indicative and serves to prevent from small amounts of goods being stolen or containers contaminated through the introduction of unwanted goods.

LEGHORN offers a choice of six models of seals for trailers – for different types of closing and fastening – all approved ISO 17712:2013, and therefore likely to be used for the closure of containers, trucks, or trailers used in international freight.

Examples of seals for trailers: