Adhesive security labels provide a valid system for sealing filing cabinets, windows, doors, boxes and various equipment.
Any LEGHORN security label uses a pressure sensitive adhesive. It adheres immediately without creating any problem.
After its application, the security label indicates tampering in case you try to remove it. Each of our labels highlights differently tampering depending on the customer’s needs.

Please find below all of our products we have in stock and that can be personalized and numbered.


Etichetta di sicurezza void standardA. STANDARD VOID SECURITY LABEL

This type of security label is suitable for non-porous surfaces such as glass or metal.
As you try to remove the STANDARD VOID label, it highlights tampering by releasing onto the surface writings like OPEN VOID, or repetitive geometric patterns.




This type of security label can be customized with special writing to be released in case of tampering instead of the standard OPEN VOID writing. For instance company’s or operator’s names can be used.



Etichette di sicurezza senza residuo standardC. STANDARD NON-RESIDUE SECURITY LABEL

This type of adhesive security labels does not release any residue on the supporting surface once removed, they reveal a hidden writing within the film instead. They are ideal for using on glass, doors, aircraft doors and access panels, wardrobes.
In practice the operation of cleaning up the used surface is no longer necessary before affixing a new label.
These security labels can be numbered and personalized.



[cml_media_alt id='4782']label-egyptair[/cml_media_alt]D. PERSONALIZED NON-RESIDUE SECURITY LABELS

There is no problem if you want to use this type of label with personalised name and logo. Our graphics staff is available for custom designs to realise the most suitable implementation.



Etichette di sicurezza ultradistruttibili standardE. ULTRA-DESTRUCTIBLE STANDARD SECURITY LABELS

This type of label is manufactured in ultra-destructible PVC material: as soon as you try to remove it from the attaching surface, it breaks into very tiny fragments, making almost impossible to remove it.
These labels are smooth and easy to apply, both on flat or curved surfaces. They are ideal to give evidence of tamper for small items, like for instance electronic parts.
They can also be produced with consecutive numbering and barcode.




These ultra-destructible security labels are ideal for giving evidence of breaching attempts. As soon as you try to remove them they get broken beyond repair.
They are used on all products to preserve warranty and are placed to certify any possible unauthorised access by the end user. In these cases it is preferable to use a customized version of ultra-destructible security labels.

Please contact us to receive assistance from our qualified staff and identify the security label fitting your needs at best.